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About Bango

App developers, stores and payment providers cross the threshold into the Bango ecosystem to converge, grow and thrive.

By bringing businesses together and powering e-commerce with unique data-driven insights, Bango delivers new business opportunities and new dimensions of growth for customers around the world. Being inside the Bango circle means global merchants including Amazon, Google and Microsoft can work together with payment partners from Africa to the Americas, accelerating the performance of everyone on the inside.

Bango. Think inside the circle.

Background to Recruitment

Following rapid adoption of the Bango Platform by key customers, sustained growth, market growth opportunities and clear investor enthusiasm, Bango has created the role of Vice President (VP) Business Development to capitalize on the significant opportunities created and to realize the company’s tremendous future growth potential.

This new role is being created to drive increased success for the Bango Platform and Bango Customers across Middle East, India, Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand markets by:

  • Increasing the use of the Bango Platform by existing customers
  • Increasing the use of the Bango Platform by mobile operators and App Developers
  • Winning new direct customers, app developers & merchants to the Bango Platform
  • Winning Direct Carrier Billing and merchant aggregators over to the Bango Platform

This role will provide strong leadership as well as an emphasis on taking the Bango Platform benefits to an expanded range of customers who are able to use the unique technology and data to grow their revenues, and the revenues and customer reach for industry leaders such as Google and Amazon.

Working within a complex environment, Bango is looking for an individual who can mobilize around Bango’s strategy. and identifying new business opportunities in the assigned markets leading to further growth.   The individual will have the intellect, experience and interpersonal skills to make a positive and persuasive contribution to the future development of Bango’s strategy.  

This is a key role within Bango at an exciting stage in the company’s development.

The Role and Responsibilities

Reporting to the Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development, this role will take full strategic and operational responsibility for Sales and Business Development across Middle East, India, Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand markets.

Initially, there is a need to develop an understanding of Bango’s business, the market it operates in, its customers, Bango payment platform (the app stores and mobile network operators) and Bango Marketplace. This understanding will enable the VP Business Development to evolve the current business development/sales set-up, and progress channels to market to serve existing and future customers and distribution partners. The role has four key responsibilities:

  1. Win business from mobile operators, app developers and strategic merchants by communicating Bango benefits, and engaging with issues, objections and obstacles to capturing business.
  2. Once the Bango platform is in use, work to expand the use of the Bango platform by adding more payment routes and deepening the use of Bango technology.
  3. Support Bango customers that use legacy approaches to alternative payment alongside their use of the Bango Platform more successful by converting MNOs using direct integrations of 3rd party integrators over to the Bango Platform.
  4. Develop a channel for the provision of Bango Platform services to a broader range of App Developers and strategic Merchants by establishing a number of accredited partners that can provide the Bango Platform and its associated services and partners to merchants that are outside the select few merchants targeted for direct sales.

The VP Business Development will need to be customer-facing to the mobile operators, App developers and strategic merchants and also internally facing with the Product Marketing and Customer Delivery teams to make sure that future success is ensured.  He/she will need to quickly understand any customer resistance or ideas and be able to translate these clearly and efficiently to the rest of the Bango team.

The business development team includes around 6 field people based in Europe, USA, LATAM and Asia, as well as further individuals involved with customer success management and specific business development initiatives. Customers also interact closely with the Customer Delivery, Operations and Marketing teams.

It is crucial that the incoming candidate has the ability to drive the culture to a more ‘curious’ and business orientated business development function that delivers a high degree of cross-selling internationally and provides high quality information internally and externally.  The mindset needs to be one of ‘how can Bango uniquely grow sales faster for key customers’ and ‘how can Bango and I make a real difference in the marketplace’.

Working alongside the SVP of Business Development and the rest of the business development team, the VP Business Development will then review the current pipeline of opportunities in your assigned markets to deliver on those that make the biggest impact towards long term global growth.

Key tasks/scope:

  • Define Bango sales and business development plans, mobile operator business development plans and ensure their coherence and alignment with Bango strategy within your assigned markets.
  • Identify, prospect, secure and manage qualified operators, app developers and strategic merchants across the assigned markets and take full responsibility for own performance.
  • Confidently and articulately present Bango to global customers and very large partners.
  • Mobilize (people, time, travel, locations etc.) to maximise sales performance and recruit new team members and suppliers as required.
  • Develop and evolve the business development budget in collaboration with the SVP and CFO and other leadership team members and make spending decisions in line with plans.
  • Maintain quarterly revenue and sign-up forecasts with clarity on key dependencies
  • Manage own sales targets and business objectives
  • Work closely with product marketing to ensure Bango platform, product propositions and campaigns empower sales performance.
  • Work closely with the Customer Delivery team to give forward visibility of likely consequences of business development.
  • Work closely with the Marketing team to provide an environment for sales success

By understanding how Bango not only manages customers but also how they ‘monetize data’, the ideal candidate will be able to look at where there are inefficiencies and how to improve the business development/sales process.

After developing a strong understanding of the business (what Bango has already done, what they are looking to do and the new growth areas they are moving into), there is a requirement to contribute to the strategic vision (essentially see where the business is and where it should be in the future), particularly focusing on sales and business development plans with new and existing customers.

Over the longer term, this will drive the business forward operationally and strategically, as an expanded scope of activity is generated for the company.  Bango is also looking at opportunities that would be able to add the most value to the business, particularly further international opportunities and the VP Business Development, will be intrinsically involved in this expansion.  The person will need to communicate, refine and implement the business development strategy.

The role carries further longer-term delivery objectives, as outlined below.

  • Deliver a culture of efficiency and strong delivery, whilst promoting continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Using logic and reasoning (analysis) to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems. Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.
  • Position Bango in the marketplace as a dynamic, flexible and credible partner that provides technology that meets customer needs
  • Maintain a close and constructive working relationship with established customers, as well as new relationships.
  • Motivating, developing and directing people as they work and identifying the best people for the job.

Bango recently acquired a Customer Data Platform business – Audiens SRL – which operates separately under leadership of its own CEO.  The VP Business Development will be part of the team that plans and implements any collaboration between Audiens and other parts of Bango in the future and will be responsible for ensuring that Audiens has easy access to Bango customers where opportunities exist.

Objective Qualities

This is a key role and, therefore, it is important that the successful candidate has the right blend of the following skills and experience.

The Person - Ideal objective experience:

  • Proven operational and strategic sales expertise in an internet-based business
  • A history of delivering measurable success including new customers and revenue in a highly competitive market.
  • Demonstrable sales leadership, the skills to mentor and motivate a sales team with diverse skills and experience levels.
  • Significant sales & business development experience in the mobile industry, software or IT services
  • Partnership oriented working with an ability to understand and grow success around Bango
  • Experience in the Middle East, India, Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand markets
  • Strong influencing and negotiation skills
  • Exceptional energy and enthusiasm to win and defend business in a fast-paced, competitive and global market.
  • A sharp intellect backed by relevant experience of handling complexity and diversity with different customer business models and in different countries and cultures.

Essential demonstrable understanding:

  • Understanding of the market Bango operates in, with a technology background.
  • A recent history of success in winning in a highly competitive market.
  • Strong people motivation, leadership and management skills.

Desirable Understanding / Experience:

  • Experience in an Internet platform business.
  • Experience working with App Developers and global merchants
  • Some local language skills (e.g. Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian)

Our ideal candidate will need to understand the dynamics of technology (ideally mobile) based payments sector, to clearly and concisely articulate the consequences of not delivering against objectives. Ideally, he/she would currently be working in a business that deals with many of the same mobile operators/carriers or app/platform providers and will be selling a service or solution to or alongside these businesses.

Personal Qualities and Characteristics

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (in English)
  • Entrepreneurial, capable of spotting and acting on opportunities
  • The vision to recognise the potential of Bango as a key global technology leader
  • A proactive and dynamic approach. Driven by measurable success towards challenging objectives. Prepared to learn from mistakes.
  • Able to develop and drive solutions that will work or which can fail fast without hassle
  • Humble - willing to ask for help from others and share problems fast
  • A sense of humour, mixed with strong professionalism and integrity
  • Strong team orientation - able to work effectively in multiple teams simultaneously
  • A sharp intellect with the mental agility to work with complexity and the unknown
  • 24/7, round-the-clock, ‘road-warrior’ attitude with stamina to keep pushing forward
  • Tenacity and persistence
  • Culturally adept – able to build effective working relationships in a variety of countries from the USA, LATAM, UK, Middle East, Africa, India, Japan and the rest of Asia Pacific.
  • Ability and willingness to work in operational ‘hands on’ mode as necessary
  • Resilience – the ability to work under pressure


Primary base will be in Singapore but with extensive international travel, particularly in the first six months. The role holder may typically travel internationally approximately 2 weeks in every month.

The Opportunity

For the right individual, Bango presents an unrivalled opportunity. This is a superb opportunity to bring their experience and adopt a leading role in a hugely progressive organisation that is well positioned for substantial growth. The new VP Business Development will play a key role in developing the relationship with both existing and new  customers; which in turn will mean Bango will be leading the way within the industry. Bango has developed a unique global position with a rich array of opportunities by evolving its strategy in response to market developments, but always maintaining the key attributes of an independent global platform. Bango has a  strong and prosperous future ahead, with strong and supportive institutional backing. This role is about helping take Bango to the next level and ensuring that the Bango Platform becomes a vital part of the business success for major online commerce businesses. There will be many challenges ahead, and Bango wants to strengthen its team now to address these with confidence, intelligence, expertise and energy. Bango is a growing company with strong client relationships and a strong strategy and there is no doubt that this role represents the right kind of challenge for the right individual.


  • Friendly, informal working environment
  • Bendi-time (flexible working hours)
  • Bango social events
  • Choose your own headphones, keyboard & mouse
  • Generous share option scheme
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • 25 days holiday a year increasing to 28 days with 4 years’ service
  • Financial support for employee activity groups and charitable activities
  • Company branded hoodie, slippers … to keep you happy and comfortable
  • Group personal pension scheme
  • Life assurance
  • Employee Assistance Program

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